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Donegal Coastal Tours

Donegal Town, Co. Donegal, Ireland               Telephone Andy at (087) 2620670

Donegal Town was the seat of the O'Donnell's up until the 17th Century. The remains of "Donegal Castle" have been restored and are now a very popular visitor attraction.

The town is also the home of Donegal tweed industry in Ireland and the Magee brand name has become world-renowned and famous for Donegal Tweed.

In the centre of the Diamond you can view a tall obelisk dedicated to the memory of the Four Masters. This was the name given to the four friars, who in the 17th century complied the Annals of the Four Masters, one of the earliest historical texts recording the early history of Ireland.

A short stroll from the Diamond is the old harbour area over looking the famous Donegal Bay from where you can climb aboard the Donegal Bay Waterbus and enjoy the magnificent views while listening to the onboard commentary on the history of Donegal Town.


Donegal Town in 1881

Beside the river Eske in 1901

Donegal, in the Irish Language is “Dun na nGall”

which translates as:

“The Fort of the Foreigners”



Click here for a link directly to the “History Section” of the official Donegal Town website,, where you will find many different views and approaches to the history of
our ancient town, Dun na nGall.



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